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Dental Savings Plan

Dental Savings Plan

Benefits of Our Dental Savings Plan

Dr. Westerman and our team strive to go above and beyond our patients' expectations to deliver caring, quality, and affordable dental care within the Tampa Bay area.

Tampa Dentistry has started a program aimed to make dentistry more affordable to patients in our area who are uninsured or underinsured! We have designed the Tampa Dentistry Dental Savings Plan for patients just like you! Each member will receive amazing financial benefits!

What is our Dental Savings Plan and who can qualify?

Our Dental Savings Plan is a discount membership plan that can save patients just like you 20 to 50 percent off of our regular treatment fees. Anyone and everyone can become a member of our Dental Savings Plan, and the plan pays for itself with just a professional cleaning or a tooth restoration.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Membership in this program is a one-time enrollment fee of $95 per individual. Compare the cost savings below!


Treatment Them Us
New Patient Exam  $     101.00  Free 
Full Mouth Series of X-rays  $     150.00  Free 
Adult Regular Cleaning  $     103.00  $    65.00
1 Surface Filling  $     195.00  $  115.00
2 Surface Filling  $     230.00  $  135.00
3 Surface Filling  $     285.00  $  155.00
Porcelain Crown  $  1,316.00  $  695.00
Simple Extraction  $     230.00  $  110.00
Full Upper Denture  $  1,600.00  $  950.00
Full Lower Denture  $  1,600.00  $  950.00


** Members will also get a 25% discount off of any procedure or treatment that is not listed above!



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